The Greatest Need Project is an online story-sharing website with two major goals – to help raise funds for patients in the greatest need and suffering severe hardship, and to support research, at Western Health.

Western Health serves the western suburbs of Melbourne, which are home to some of the most disadvantaged pockets of Australia. The rates of many chronic diseases are well above the national average.

Some of our patients experience disadvantage so extreme that they cannot meet their most basic needs. Many go without what most of us take for granted – household essentials, utilities and, in some cases, even items that help alleviate the discomforts associated with a chronic or terminal illness.

By supporting the Greatest Need Fund, you can help Western Health’s patients in several ways. Your donations can go directly towards providing practical support for some of our most impoverished patients. Or you can contribute to research at Western Health, which ultimately improves the care and treatment for many of our patients.

To achieve these aims, the Greatest Need Project brings together the people of Western Health. Our generous patients, staff and volunteers are sharing their own stories – online and via social media – with a singular goal. They want to help those at Western Health who need it most.

You can help, too, by sharing their stories online and by making a donation to the Greatest Need Project. You can even write and share your own story.